BMW M4 Coupé


A high-performance athlete for the road and the racetrack, for perfect drifts, high-speed bends and the long straights in between. For adrenalin-steeped driving experiences, when the hands enclose the high-grip steering wheel with fingers at the ready to flick the responsive shift paddles. The driver in the M sport seats becomes one with the vehicle. A sports car destined to set the pulse racing – the BMW M4 Coupé.

Exciting design.

Unconditionally sporty, with dynamic styling and a palpable intensity that is without equal on the road. The impressive front section with the large air inlets announces the immense power of the BMW M4 Coupé, as do the evocative light alloy wheels and the muscular rear.

Athletic coupé line.

The curved styling with the typical gently sloping roof line of a coupé, combined with the exclusive light alloy wheels and the aerodynamically optimised M exterior mirrors, radiates concentrated sports appeal. The stretched silhouette is concluded by a distinctive rear and expresses pent-up power.

Powerful front end.

The forward-thrusting front end with the high-gloss black double-bar kidney grille and large air inlets is accentuated by all-LED headlights with precise graphics. Their filigree design and impressive brilliance guarantee a confident presence in daylight hours, and perfectly illuminate the road ahead at night.

Distinctive rear.

The flared wheel arches express the immense power of the BMW M4 Coupé. The carbon fibre reinforced tailgate with integral rear spoiler unites function and design. Redesigned LED rear lights accentuate the resolute stance of the sports coupé, whether or not they are lit. The M diffuser and angled M twin tailpipes blend perfectly into the rear apron with the characteristic air outlets.

Aerodynamic elements.

The two upright inlets for the Air Curtain and the M gill elements at the sides with integral Air Breather element reduce aerodynamic drag around the wheel arches. For an optimum aerodynamic performance and, coincidentally, an increased heart rate too.

Exclusive carbon roof.

As part of the BMW intelligent lightweight construction concept, the Carbon roof made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) helps to reduce the vehicle's weight, shifting the car's centre of gravity lower. This leads to an increase in agility and dynamics when taking a bend, accelerating and braking.

Full LED-lights.

In the rear lights, too, the lighting functions are performed entirely by means of light-emitting diodes. Their stretched L-shape with the continuous lighting design forms a fluid transition with the luggage compartment lid, accentuating the distinctive styling of the rear end.

The BMW M4 Coupé has completed hundreds of tests on the racetrack in order to hone numerous innovations derived from motorsport to production maturity. The result is more than impressive: concentrated power with a breathtaking acceleration meets extremely agile and high-precision handling. In any driving situation. On any road surface. A guaranteed adrenaline rush is included – together with a knowing smile.

Foto: Kampanjebilde - BMW-m4-coupe-images-and-videos-1920x1200-01.jpg.asset.1487343850903.jpg Foto: Kampanjebilde - BMW-m4-coupe-images-and-videos-1920x1200-01.jpg.asset.1487343850903.jpg Foto: Kampanjebilde - BMW-m4-coupe-images-and-videos-1920x1200-04.jpg.asset.1487343853071.jpg Foto: Kampanjebilde - BMW-m4-coupe-images-and-videos-1920x1200-05.jpg.asset.1487343854321.jpg Foto: Kampanjebilde - BMW-m4-coupe-images-and-videos-1920x1200-02.jpg.asset.1487343851592.jpg

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